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So happy to get my 25 movie Zatoichi box set today.

So angry Criterion didn't have me do a drawing for it.
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hilarious and bizarre 

agenda-type people with no clue about design/animation pigheadedly and totally misunderstanding a pro. embarrassing.
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a note just sent to me from some guy Shingo99 -


I am French, and im creating a very small tshirt selling company.

I like your works, and i would like to ask you permission to use them for free, to sale them on my tshirt.

I am very respectful of copyright, and the desire of artists, that's why i do this aproach Asking you permission.

I am currently unemployed, and im creating a tiny structure, where i would be the only employee. At the beginning i can not pay or buy the commercial right of your work, but i hope that my business evolves and may propose a fair compensation to artists.

My small business is in preparation, and i'd like to use your work to illustrate the project, my future t shirts, and If i find the tiny but necessary funds, I would sell t shirt with your artwork on it.

Would you agree to allow me to use your work? Knowing of course that you may revoke this authorization at any time.

Thank for your attention.

Bonnel Charly

i'm sure this fellow may have pestered others too. what is this kind of buffoon really expecting a reply to be? be wary of this kind of leech., he's french.
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the best things being published these days are IDW's Artist Edition series. i've missed a few, but am very happy with the ones i've allowed myself to get. anyone else been grabbing any of these??
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The new Superman movie is dull. 

Henry Cavil is decent. But something is wrong when the rest of the cast is more dull than Superman himself. I really don't get Amy Adams. Nor do I Michael Shannon. 

Plot is thin. Tries to be interesting with playing with the jumps in the timeline. but this doesn't veil that the story is just a basic bland scheme.

Krypton designs are overdone and gross. generic 'concept' art. gross.

It is wrong when there are more laughs in any Batman movie than a Superman one.

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don't read if you haven't watched the motion picture called 'Iron Man 3'...

disjointed story. plenty of tangents. dull. dark. ugly looking. key characters misused. bad guys are very generic and boring, as are their powers - unlikely and unbelievable botany-based fire-breathing (huh??). proper MAGIC/OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD TECHNOLOGY would have made more sense in what has been previously established in the Marvel movies and moved ahead possibilities for future ones. twists and reveals that have no joy or punch. the Mandarin twist is so disappointing (and anger inducing) that the ensuing comedy intention is only salt in the wound. Aldrich Killian proclaiming "i am the Mandarin" at the end - thanks for explaining what we sadly realized 25 minutes ago, pal. the Iron Man him/itself is so deconstructed that it isn't really an entity any more - just suddenly fragile pieces of stuff that are far too disposable and able to be used by whomever.

i admit i loved Yinsen appearing, but mostly seeing Max from 'Happy Endings' (in one of the admittedly extraneous tangents).

side note - i liked 'Iron Man 2' a lot, which i realize isn't a cool opinion amongst the hipster pseudo-comic fans, buffoons and internet sheep. i now LOVE it a lot.
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I was a big, big fan of what this guy did. This place will be much weaker from here on.
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yikes... do you guys know about the 'steady stroke' feature on the latest (i think) Autodesk Sketchbook Pro? it is nuts. i used to think that if i have anything special in my drawing ability, it is a smooth line. however, now anyone can have a crazy smooth line. gah, another reason for me to get out of this kind of work. i'm more obsolete by the day!
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HEY! why don't more of you watch this guy?


     angryrooster angryrooster angryrooster angryrooster
Me by angryroosterApocalypse girls colored by angryroosterSKELETOR! by angryroosterBizarro vs Hulk Aged by angryrooster
     angryrooster angryrooster angryrooster angryrooster

he's the best fellow around. i demand justice! it's justice that i demand!
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decided to open up to some newer type of mainstream comics. as i've alluded to other times, i mostly only find value in stuff from well over 20 years ago (hellboys, etc are the exception). thought captain america would be a good fit for me, as i am always fond of the character. i despise the current cult-of-personality surrounding artists & writers but figured i'd go after a body of work which apparently is pretty consistent, self-contained and well-regarded, that being ed brubaker's...

browsed online at various places to research. my rare open mind shut again pretty quickly. the various trade compilations make no sense in regards to reading order and numbering.


...and i'm a guy who is otherwise familiar to things. what do new potential readers think of this? the popularity of superhero movies in the past few years should naturally translate to certain huge benefits to the comic book industry. yet publishers can't put together any coherent format for reading stories which are episodic by nature.

i'm no fan of manga, but envy that complete runs of those series seem to be put together in sensible and accessible volumes.

anyways, i'll stick to stuff like marvel masterworks reprints. these are mostly great content for stubborn old people, as well as an understandable format. comes out at a snails pace though - i'll save that for another groaning rant!

***edit addition - ordered vols 1 & 2 of what amazon calls 'Captain America by Ed Brubaker'. this numbering makes no sense to me, but oh well. i'll see what happens... also something called 'Captain America and Bucky: Old Wounds' which apparently follows directly a 'Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes' book which i already have picked up but have not yet read. hooray.***
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**********DONE DEAL**********

hiya fellows and occasional ladies.

totally not a nerd, but i seek a 2009 'marvel universe' guardian (of alpha flight) action figure. anyone have one? loose or packaged, i don't care. ideally i'd so generously trade a coloured digital commission of your character of choice, but will be happy to hear of your other, horribly unreasonable demands. send a private message, please!

thanks, friends!

**********DONE DEAL**********

(now if anyone has a spare 'electro' from the same series............di da di...)
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thanks to those who responded to my 'marvel now' inquiry. it seems the whole campaign is just the ill-conceived, audience-alienating mess i was figuring.

i am certain i am not the first to proclaim 'Marvel THEN'. my marvel universe recognizes works from the 60s till the mid-to-late 80s. after that, nothing else exists.
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not trying to be cheeky (though i am very distrustful of any comic done by the company for 25+ years), but can someone explain in a few sentences what 'Marvel NOW' is attempting? i get the feeling it is meant as a restarting point. however, i also get the feeling that decades worth of baggage containing character mistreatment and behind-the-scenes egos is inescapably carried over and is still a big part of all story attributes. am i (as usual) too cynical towards all?
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promoting my wife's side project! feel free to order as many wonderful calendars as you like from her newly started Big Cartel shop, otherwise i will get no christmas present*!


have an adequate day!

*(The Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Mega-Set DVD)
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i love that the full team of four will likely be made by hasbro in their marvel legends line. rad.
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...but probably too late to get better.
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I've perhaps a week of doing nothing, so if it is your fantastic dream and desire...

I'll draw & colour your requested single character in a full body pose with which you can enjoy/despise in its digital format in whatever way you please, aside from commercial purposes. If the character is your own, please have reference and/or a detailed description of his or her appearance, as I am not offering to design. Your character will be clothed. I require paypal up front in the amount of $65 USD. I intend to have any commissions completed within a week.

I'll only do two or three this time around. Let me know in a private message of your interest...

*****EDIT - Three tentatively spoken for, but I'll fit one more.*****

*****EDIT - all done taking commissions. thanks! perhaps more will happen late in the year.*****
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Whenever I'm in a good mood, I make sure to remind myself that The Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Mega-Set DVDs which I never bought is out of print. This soon brings me back to my glum self.

Try it yourself!
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i just sat through a series of listless and unending events which were nearly without joy. i was witness to the drone of an individual who was entirely without charm and intrigue. Runtime: 164 min
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